My Neon Sign Strikes Again

I know it’s been pretty silent around here, but that’s what happens when you’re in the throws of one of the toughest classes in the massage therapy program, Myology. It’s brutal. We’re only a few weeks from the final exam and we’re all twitching. We’re crispy fried and it’s showing. Pus, I’m now putting in hours at the student clinic, and I really can’t discuss my clients. It’s a whole HIPAA thing. I can say that it’s been really, really interesting. I’ve had some experiences that I’m glad to have had in a supervised, supportive clinic environment, but not much more. I’ll have to tell my myo wheel tale later, but this is all about what happened when I went out to unwind.

My friend, Esha and I went to see Magic Mike. Yes, we went to see Channning Tatum strip. Was there any other reason to go see that movie? Seriously. We figured that it would be a good giggle and a good waste of a few hours.

Oh, I hear you laughing and groaning. I can’t go to a movie without some excitement. If it’s running and going to the Avengers opening weekend or having wackjobs around me, it’s never dull.

We got in and began a count of how many guys actually got dragged to Magic Mike. It was quite hilarious. It was then when SHE walked in. Her and her group of friends were loud, obnoxious and generally off the hook. We figured they’d settle in and act appropriately during the movie.


Did I mention she was one seat over from me?

So, as the movie starts, there it is, in all its glory. Channing Tatum’s bare naked butt. Now, the audience went into full on whoop mode. Come on, This was just NICE.

Now, the girl whooped along with all of us, and then didn’t settle down. Her commentary became more and more offensive as the first 20 minutes of the movie went on. Then, she got quiet.

30 more minutes in, during the ONLY PLOT POINT that you needed to pay attention to in the entire movie, she starts slapping her ankle. Loudly. And we all were not amused.

The woman behind us went over to her and POLITELY asked her to quiet down.

Then, it happened. A near riot ensued with this girl nearly diving over me to get to the woman to beat her up. She started screaming and yelling and we missed a good 20-30 minutes of the movie with the entire ordeal. Profanities were thrown and things were so loud, that a woman who was sitting a few over the other way from me said

“umm, can you just shut up and be happy? We’re watching hot naked men!!”

I have to agree.

But this is par for the course in going to movies with me.

Oh, so what happened with the girl?


It took 4 complaints, 2 managers and 90% of the theater screaming at her to get her out. She then played the victim, and claimed that we all instigated her.

They took police reports to the contrary from a few of us, and issued us free tickets for another movie.

But, see my big neon sign? Yeah. It was in full force.

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