Now, for my .02

I know that hockey season is over.

Whine. Whine.

BUT, I decided that I would talk about this now so none of my crazed Stanley Cup Ranting got involved in this.

(Umm..hey DeBoer-can ya please find a way to talk Lou into keeping Adam Oates and Zach Parise? COME ON!  And HEY! Los Angeles Media! The Lakers are OUT. Yes, OUT. These are the KINGS. NOT the Lakers. GET IT RIGHT…ok. crazed ranting over. Those things will come in a later post..especially the Los Angeles Media. They’re fun to skewer…)

So, During the games broadcast on Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC, they decided to show the new internet show “While The Men Watch” side by side with the game.

I finally got a good look at this after the A&P midterm.

I am disgusted. Hardcore disgusted.

I am a girl. I like sports. I like hockey. I am pretty knowledgeable about the game. Maybe not as much as some, but certainly more than others. I read stats. I know how to calculate a Goals Against Average (Don’t ask. It’s an explanation that is just eyebrow raising.)


So, because I can’t put together a coherent sentence about this hot mess, I decided to let my friend and all around awesome AHL Blogger, Tracey (or as we call her here, Puddle) from Thoughts Inside the Box give the .02 about this, because we both feel the same! So, Take it away, Puddle!

Now, when hockey season starts up, just follow us on twitter…I tend to do “color commentary” when I’m at a game with her. It’s quite funny…


Dear CBC: what were you THINKING?

Did you really think that showing a program like “While the Men Watch” was going to find you more female fans?

Guess what?  You’re totally putting off the female population that are real, knowledgeable sports fans…and putting them in the same category as groupies, those who don’t have a clue about sports, or basically only care about pretending to like the sport to please their significant other.

Yes, I am female.  I like girly stuff, like manicures and pedicures, pink and purple, and have a handbag/shoe obsession.

But I’m also a sports fanatic, raised by another fanatic, who just happened to be a single mother.

Growing up, I was probably a bigger sports fan than most of my class, the boys included.  I knew my Yankee trivia from the time I was in junior high school.

Now, I’m one of only 4 female AHL fan bloggers (and as far as I know,  I’m the only girl that does both live tweeting and blogging their team without media credentials), and I’m treated as an equal amongst the men that do it.

So when you give a full hour to two women who write about topics such as “10 Stanley Cup Celebrity Hook-Ups” (Marty Brodeur & J-Lo=Bro-Lo?  SERIOUSLY?) and “6 Things NOT to Say If His Team Loses” (saying “at least they came in second place” will get you the Look of Death, if not slugged, depending on the kind of loss) and target a female audience with it…sorry, not going to work.

Yes, there are puck bunnies out there.  I’ve seen quite a few, young and old, over the past 15-20 years of following hockey.  There are also those women who think they have a clue about the game, but are way off base (and only care about getting a player’s attention off the ice).  Then there are those that know the difference between a power play and penalty kill, what the referee hand signals are for penalties, and the difference between a butterfly position and what a five-hole is on a goaltender.  By giving these two hosts a soapbox to stand on, you’re basically grouping all female sports fans in one category.  No, no, no.

Now, I’ll admit, I have my athlete crushes (hello, Adam Henrique).  But that doesn’t make me less of a fan because of it.  I can still rattle off stats just as much as the guys can, but still be a girl.  It can be done.

The tag line of “While the Men Watch” is “where girl talk is a sport.”  Last I checked, girl talk is called GOSSIP.   Not the kind of topics you want on what is supposed to be a sports program.  Isn’t that what TMZ and E! are for?

So at the end of the day, just remember, not all female sports fans are like Lena and Jules.  They do have a clue as to what’s going on.

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