Midterms, Mayhem and Clinic Test Ins

So, I told y’all that the past few weeks have been BUUUSSSSYYYY. That’s the understatement of the year.

When I was warned that this Massage Therapy program was rigorous, they weren’t kidding. The program has picked up steam and the full time class (that’s my group!) are throttling down the train tracks at warp speed. Seriously. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t even have time to catch my breath.

We’ve finished our base class, Foundations…and then flew straight into assessment skills for 4 classes, then got a week of Sports Massage and then 3 days of Chair Massage. When we go back after our  mini break, we go flying into Myofacial Release. It’s just breakneck speed. We’re in one class and then whammo, we’re in another!

Now, I’ve still got Myo and A&P. Those suckers won’t be done until August. Hence the midterm stuff in the title.

I haven’t taken a midterm in an eon. Honestly.

And did I mention I have some pretty wicked test anxiety?

This is why, when I taught, I used to make my tests small-some were harder than others, but it wasn’t a huge FINAL EXAM or MIDTERM EXAM with all the scary music. AND if I could, I’d just make it a final project. Show me you know the topic rather than sit down and answer questions with a bubble sheet and #2 pencil!


So, I took two midterms.

Myo, I cried before.

A&P, I was ok until I sat down for the exam and had a massive brain fart on question number 1. Yes, number ONE.

At least the instructor found it funny…because I walked out and started kicking myself because I suddenly remembered the answer!

Both were passed…one with the score I was happy with, another I could have done better on…but I PASSED. Seriously.


And that was only the beginning.

In the time I’ve been away, I’ve also started working in the student clinic!

We had to take a practical exam to be allowed to start working in the clinic.

It was kinda like the mid term-we got an instructor and we had to take them from top to bottom in the entire massage process. We had to do the intake, assessment and then the massage and the follow up. Thank heavens I was in the first group of students from my class who went. I don’t know if I could have handled being in the second group.


See the above statement of test anxiety.


I lived to tell the tale of Clinic Test in, and ended up agreeing with the clinic supervisor, that it was an amazing experience that gave me some seriously awesome feedback about my massage skills. It was really nice….even though I was as nervous as all heck during the intake.

So, now, I can work on real people in the student clinic

(psst-locals-come visit me in the clinic!)


So far, I’ve done 6 clinic hours..I only have 42 more to go…plus 12 of community service….

oh, and still all of my classes.

But I’m still loving it and standing…

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