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Jello Brain

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One of the perils of being in a compressed program (9 months!) is the fact that the classes come fast and furious and that means so do the tests!

This week, I had the perfect storm converge. Seriously. I did.


We had last week off. It was spring break. We needed it. But, we came back to…


3 tests. In a row.

One Monday and two on Tuesday.

Normally, this would not be cause for alarm, but the class where two of the tests occurred is my current nemesis…



(ok, here is the song I hear when I think of Myo..)


For those who have no idea what this special place in Hades called Myo is all about…

Think Anatomy and Physiology on smack. Seriously. It’s every muscle and its start point, end point, or I and O as we call them, movements and what they do. It’s full on insanity. Oh, and did I mention we cover 95 classes worth of material in 75? Yeah. Let’s just turn this puppy up to warp speed. Oh, and we’re expected to REMEMBER THIS ALL, because this will be on the state boards!


So, back to the matter at hand here.

We had not one, but TWO Myo tests this week. Plus, my class had the fun and games of having a Foundations test (that’s Swedish Massage..) as well on Tuesday.

Now, Imagine the group of us on Wednesday afternoon. By that point, we were full on slap happy. We held it together for A&P, but lost it in Foundations.


We had, what our instructor affectionately calls “Monkey Brain.”

I call it Jello Brain.

We were all so brain fried that everything was either hilarious or cause for some sort of long winded discussion…and those devolved into things you just can’t get the mental pictures out of your head for.



How many more weeks of Myo?

When that’s done, I think the Jello Brain will go with it…

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