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And let’s make it 2 in a row!

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This year, one of my favorite books of the year has made it AGAIN onto the most challenged books list!

and that book would be….




I’m quite at a loss as to why people give it to children thinking “Oh, it’s popular, so it must be just fine…” and don’t take into account the absolute brutality of the games-and then complain that their kids have nightmares.

You really think about it, and it boils down to people not taking responsibility for their children’s reading choices, especially at a young age. They want someone else to do the work for them.

It’s the same thing with movies. I saw someone recommend the Hunger Games Movie for ages 7 and up, because their 7 year old “Just LOVED the movie and identified with Katniss.”


Knowing the book like I do, I NEVER, EVER thought to take my sweet, sensitive, cries at cartoons and the Polar Express to the movie. I know he would be in our bed like a shot out of a gun and have nightmares the size of Kansas.

What this all comes back to is parental responsibility.  This is my soapbox over and over and over and over again.

If you are a parent, take responsibility for what your child reads, watches and listens to.

Right now, Isaac is not very happy with me, because I have told him on SEVERAL occasions that I will NOT take him to see The Avengers until I see it first. The kid loves his superheroes, and hey-so do I, but I’m not going to walk in to a movie that may be borderline appropriate with my kid in tow. He walks away moping when I have this conversation with him. But frankly, I can’t just blindly take him.

Hey-if it works out, I may get to see the thing twice…

But again, there is MY parental responsibility. If I’m not sure, I pre-view, pre-read or pre-listen.


I don’t stomp on the rights of others to make the decisions for their children by demanding that the materials I deem uncool for my child be removed from circulation.

So, I wonder if Katniss will make it for a 3rd year in the challenged and banned books list.


Now that would be something.

One thought on “And let’s make it 2 in a row!

  1. I’m not a fan of banning books or film. But having said that,I agree with you on that it’s the parent’s responsibility to make those decisions for their own child. Having said that as well…one key thing you said is that you preview the book and / or movie before making the decision. This is key because many parents make uninformed decisions when they blindly decide to allow or disallow their child from seeing or reading a piece of art. The other thing that is key – you know your kiddo and make decisions based on that. Being familiar with what your child reads or watches, particularly if its above their age range, is knowing what to have conversations with them about and answer questions they may have. Also…it may be helpful to provide some background information.

    I have the same problem with Twilight. Personally, I find the books and movies entertaining. However it drives me batty when I see a pre-teen child reading or watching. There are so many themes and topics glossed over that are developmentally inappropriate for them. Heck, a lot of teens don’t understand what this tale says about relationships.

    But maybe the bigger question we need to be asking as a society….what is it about these books: Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Twilight, Hunger Games…that is appealing to our children? If you eliminate the ‘my friends are reading it’ aspect, what themes and /or content is touching their mind, heart, & soul? What are they trying to tell us by massively choosing these books and films? How do these works of art reflect the way our kiddos see and/or feel about the world?

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