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What a difference a new teacher makes

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So, last year, Isaac had this art teacher, Mrs. K. She was something.


This is the woman who gave a first grader with fine motor issues a failing grade in art.  She then told me upon being confronted with that grade that she didn’t give high grades because she didn’t want the kids to think they were good at art.


yes, she said that. To my face.


and then backtracked when I made a phone call to the principal.


I was unhappy. I was beyond livid. I wanted to throttle.



Our intrepid resource teacher, Miss B., pulled a few strings and made sure Isaac’s class didn’t have Mrs. K. for art.


I was cautiously optimistic.


I emailed Miss W., the new art teacher at the beginning of the year and kind of gave her a heads up. I told her about a small first grader failing art and coming home, blurting out that he hated art, completely unsolicited. I told her I didn’t want my sweet, creative boy to hate art. I wanted him to be able to enjoy coloring, painting and even pounding a bit of clay. She emailed back thanking me for my candid email and talking to me about her teaching style and philosophy, telling me that she understood that every child wasn’t going to be Picasso, Cassatt or Rembrandt, but enjoying art was the main goal.


I was floored.


So, I waited.


The report card for all specials just came home. It comes home twice a year. Winter and Spring.


My child has passed art. With all 3’s.

I was overjoyed.  Friday, I may run and huge Miss W.


Because the following phrase came out of Isaac’s mouth when I told him that he had done well for Miss W:

“I like art! It’s a lot of fun!”


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