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Fat Girl Panties

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So, I was told by my good friend Kim that I had to tell this story, so here goes.

One of the FIRST things you outgrow/shrink out of is your undies. Seriously. These things have absolutely no play in them whatsoever. Ask anyone who’s been preggo. The first thing they have to buy is underwear.

Now, I knew I had some undies that were big. No biggie, or so I thought.

Well, I was getting dressed for school quickly and grabbed a pair of the “fat girl panties” out of the clean laundry Doug had just brought up. I was kind of wary when I noticed that my yoga pants were the only thing holding up my panties.

Again, I didn’t think much of it. Hey-they’re panties, right? No biggie.


So, afternoon comes and we’re on the massage tables doing bodywork. Under the sheets, I took off my pants-and meant to leave my panties on.

The fat girl panties didn’t agree with my idea.


They started to come down with my yoga pants.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to take off pants and leave on undies under a sheet when the panties are “fat girl sized,” or two sizes too big.

I spent the bodywork time having to explain to my partner, A, that I wasn’t in pain or uncomfortable, but I was losing my undies! ARGH!

So, I had to take those out of rotation (for good!!) and get new panties that aren’t as big..and stay on my body.

One thought on “Fat Girl Panties

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