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Why I hate Hobby Lobby (Not really)

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Isaac’s birthday is coming up in a few days. Since we’re on spring break here (yay!) when his birthday falls, we decided to send in his treats and things Friday.

I figured a pan of brownies, a bunch of cupcakes…


My child requested CAKE BALLS. Dipped in “superhero colors and with superhero sprinkles!”

Do they even MAKE superhero sprinkles? Seriously?!

So, I ended up having poor Doug bake the cake while I went to the IEP meeting (another post. trust me.) and had a small punch biopsy (just a precaution. No biggie. 2 stitches. Nothing to it).

While it was cooling to the perfection of room temperature, Isaac arrived home. I asked him if he would like to join me on my errands, and he of course, was thrilled to do just that.

So, instead of making the Michael’s run, I decided to head over to the newest craft store in town now that all of the hubub of it opening has died off a bit-Hobby Lobby. I’d heard of the chain, but never had an opportunity to go into one.

I was first floored by the fact that they were closed on Sunday for “worship and family time.” It was interesting to see the whole Worship thing being tossed out there. It seems that in this society, saying something akin to organized religion is a surefire way to get you lambasted and your store boycotted. It’s insanely refreshing to see that they just don’t care. Seriously.

Then, Isaac and I encountered the hugeness of this store and the sheer epic magnitude of everything. I had to get directions to find the candy making supplies to get the chocolate!

Since we decided to browse, Isaac and I ended up doing a full circle. It was then we ran into it.

No, not yarn.


My other craft nemesis.

So, my darling child makes a beeline and says:

“Mommy! Look! Fabric!”

Yes. I saw that.

So, begrudgingly, I aquiesced to making the small boy yet another blankie. He doesn’t need it. Seriously. Linus doesn’t need yet another blankie, but the fabric! The low cost! The nice stuff!

Yeah, I had a shiny attack.

So, I allowed him to pick out what will be the loudest, most obnoxious blanket in all of the stuff in this house. It’s really, really loud.

One side-Spider Man.
One side-planets and stars and galaxies.
Binding-blue swirly fabric.

This is one loud, loud blankie. I’m not shocked coming out of the shrimp.

I was pleased to discover that they didn’t just have a few things here and there and try to be everything to everyone. There were some really high quality items there, at awesome prices.

This was a horrible thing to find. Hardcore.

So, I will be back to Hobby Lobby. I just won’t take Shrimper with me until the “turn off your blankie” blanket is done. I can’t take another fabric run just so soon.

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