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Chara, Pacioretty and my worst nightmare

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As we come into my favorite time of the hockey year, playoffs, things ramp up. Chances get taken and things happen. There are times that grudges get settled or something stupid happens and the league…well…is just the league.

Currently, take the latest case that has taken over the headlines and voices of the entire NHL.

Zedno Chara hit Max Pacioretty. Watch the video at your own gasp inducing risk.

End result for Pacioretty? A fractured C4 and a concussion.

Not good. So not good.

Punishment for Chara?

a 5 minute penalty. That’s right. a 5 MINUTE PENALTY

The league felt that there was no reason for any further action.

As the debate rages on if Chara should have gotten suspended-I think he should have-accidental or not-I wonder if the league will finally make the changes to hit to the head rules before Isaac gets far enough to check.

I think this is any parent’s worst nightmare. Their child getting hurt, seriously in a sporting contest. I know it’s mine. I cringe when Isaac hits his head on the ice, even though it’s in a helmet, because I know what head injuries do.

Some days, I wonder why I allow him to play hockey-when players’ heads get hit into turnbuckles, when vertebrae get broken. The last thing I want is a severely injured kid.

Then, I think about it. I realize that there are catastrophic injuries in every sport. You look at the kids in football who take one hit and fracture their necks. You look at basketball where an ACL injury is almost a badge of honor.

It’s one of those things that as long as my darling Shrimp plays sports, I’ll have to shove to the back of my head and know that the coaches are doing everything in their power to teach him how to be safe.

Now, can we just stop showing that awful hit?!

One thought on “Chara, Pacioretty and my worst nightmare

  1. I’ve seen the clip a few times and I am not sure I agree with suspension. I do agree that it was a horrible hit, and perhaps uncalled for, but I don’t think there was ever “intent” for Paccioretty to hit the stantion. Sure, slow it down, look frame by frame and you can interpret it any way, but it regular motion does Chara really have the time to think and plan to ram Paccioretty into the stantion? Sure he had intent to slam him into the wall, that’s what hockey players do, they know the fans love to see a “good hit”. But I don’t think he knew Paccioretty would hit the stantion and break his neck.

    People play rough (violent?) sports and they do so assuming they are putting their health at risk. Every player knows the dangers they face on the ice/field. And it’s a danger they choose to take. No one forces them to play. These are adults, we can’t forget that.

    That said, I think Chara should man up, apologize (maybe he has, I don’t follow as close as you) and make a donation in Paccioretty’s name to a TBI foundation.

    My 2 cents for the day 🙂

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