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Maternity Leave + First Grade = ?

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This year, we were blessed to have a much better experience than Kindergarten. The rub in all of this? Isaac’s teacher left for maternity leave. Her last day was Thursday. The kids get the long term sub starting tomorrow.

Now, let’s get one thing straight here. I have NOTHING against this long term sub. I met her at the Valentine’s Shindig and she seems perfectly fine. Mrs. J, the regular teacher assures me that the kids are in good hands. She was even in on the interview process that hired Mrs. M.  Plus, with this economy, there’s a lot of really good teachers out there without jobs.

My largest issue here is one I’ve been through before. This is the 2nd year we’ve drawn the short straw and gotten a long term sub. Last year, Miss H. was out for 2 months because of a tonsillectomy. Now, we’re losing Mrs. J until the bitter end.  For a kid who knows how to work things and thrives on consistency, this is not cool. Not at all.

So, now, it’s all about how to handle the transition. How to handle Isaac when he decides to go off the rails because Mrs. M. is not the same as Mrs. J, and he tries to pull his garbage with her.

I love the fact that Mrs. M has extensive first grade experience and I love the fact that when I was in the room she was genuinely interested in really getting to know each child and their personalities. I think she’s got a decent handle on Isaac’s silly, stubborn and sensitive personality.

So, again, the jury is out. We’ll see what happens with the class, Mrs. M. and how Isaac fits into all of this.

Please…let’s have as good an end to this year as we have had the first 100 days!

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