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It’s not a disability, and you are a moron.

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Today, I was doing my usual troll of my favorite blogs-and I stopped as I always do at Consumerist. There were a few things that caught my eye-a guy railing at B of A, a guy who was foreclosing on a Wells Fargo office (awesome…), but one thing really stood out. It was so blatant that I had to delve deeper.

So, here’s the story. You can read it here, but I’ll give you the Cliff Notes.

Guy goes to one of those AWESOME all you can eat Sushi joints that are prevalent in SoCal.  Guy is diabetic. Guy starts peeling the fish off of the sushi and eating the fish and leaving the rice. Owner goes to guy and says that he needs to eat the rice as well, as that is part of the sushi. Guy says he can’t eat rice. Owner offers him solution by offering to charge him 3.00 less for 2 orders of sashimi. Guy declines.

THEN, here’s the best part…




Umm. Yeah. Right.

Let’s just break down how moronic this guy is in a few easy steps.

1) He was eating sashimi anyway. Just pay the guy. You’re getting a deal.

2a) Diabetes is NOT a disability. It is a medical condtion. You do have to take pains to control it, but come the heck on!

2b) There’s nothing in the “diabetic code” that says you can’t eat rice. Limit, yes. Not eat? Nope.  Even when you are (as this guy is) on oral meds, you can still eat rice.

3) He violated the rules. There was no  discrimination.

4) Just because you didn’t eat the rice doesn’t mean you are entitled to 4,000.00  for “humiliation and undue duress.” Seriously.

It’s no secret I’m a sushi fiend. I just cover my meal for the additional carbs in the rice. I don’t do a lot of rolls…I’d rather do the nigri sushi. Mmm. Yummy.

There is no way I’d even think of 1) leaving the rice. It helps make the meal. There’s so much flavor in ONE BITE of rice… and 2) demanding that the rules of an establishment don’t apply to me.

Diabetes isn’t a disability.

This guy? he’s a moron. Plain and simple.  I hope the judge laughs him out of court and the sushi joint gets triple the business that they have currently.

(disclosure: I know this place, I’ve eaten there. Yum. I’ve got no ties other than I saw the name of the place and said “yo! I know that place!!)

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