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Opening Act

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Saturday night was opening night for the local professional hockey team. As is my annual tradition, I packed up the crew and headed down to the arena to witness the return of hockey.

Remember, I’m still cautiously optimistic regarding the whole return of this team to the area. I need to see what they do on ice before I make any judgments if this whole thing is going to work or not.

Now, at Fanfest, the coach said his mission was to bring the Calder Cup back.

Decidedly big promises, but hrm…

The good thing is that the front office knows that they need to make good with the community after the way they left. They are taking all outreach requests and trying to work with them. That’s a good thing, but come on-this is opening night. What are you going to do to show off?


First there was this-

See the year on that banner? I was a freshman in college and remember that team. I spent a lot of time at the games with friends.  I was having flashbacks of the good ol’ days and had chills remembering.
Yeah. Thems were the days.

Do I sound like my grandparents?

The fact that we got a new team in the arena meant some LONG NEEDED upgrades. Seriously. I’m totally impressed. We got a new ribbon board (which I didn’t get any pictures of. Dang. Next time) and we also got this:

Yes, that is a new scoreboard.  (oh, wait. you CAN see the ribbon board in this photo! Note the thing with the team logo in the background. Tis quite impressive.)

And contrary to the last scoreboard we had that was from the dawn of time, you can actually see/read/get good video quality on this one!

The team colors are the same as they’ve always been, and I think will continue to be until the end of time.

(I’ll be damned! There’s that ribbon board again! I did get it!)


It was quite the night. Ok, the team lost and I didn’t get the usual photos, because Isaac wouldn’t let me touch my camera for most of the game. You see, my darling goober continued the family tradition started last year, and got hit with a puck during warm ups.  He’s fine. He’s got a small bruise on his head and cheek, but he’s ok. He didn’t want to stay down by the boards and in the usual section where I take a lot of my photos. He wanted to be up in our official seats, far away from the boards.

Oh, well, there’s next time.

But the team is doing a substantial amount of wooing of the area. There are a lot of the good things that the previous team left-like community outreach and front office people who have a clue what it means to fill seats. What they also have is a staff that really wants to make this a go. From greeting patrons as they walked in the door, to dressing the cheer/dance team appropriately (no more slutty outfits! YAY!) to the final impression of saying goodnight, asking patrons how their experience was and all of that…it’s quite the thing.


Now about those prices….


but that’s another story.


It was a good opening act.


and my winter pastime is still here.

One thought on “Opening Act

  1. Can’t wait to get down for a game this year. The scoreboard and ribbon board look great!

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