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Let’s get the season on the road!

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Hockey season opening is QUICKLY approaching.


So, today, the local team that I’m Cautiously Optimistic about held a “Fanfest” for the public to meet the team that’s here right now, have a little fun and generally schmooze.

(and fair warning, the photos that are about to come were taken with my phone-not my normal kickin’ camera.)

So, the first thing they did was show off the improvements to the front of the arena marquis

The new ribbon board as well as the new scoreboard inside are insanely impressive…but alas, no shots of those. I’m saving those for opening night. Oh, and why yes, we’re going. But that’s another puck drop! (no, I can’t say ballgame…because there’s no balls…but I digress)

Isaac hung with the new mascot, Devil Dawg

and as you can see, I got him a totally insane hat-it’s a HOCKEY STICK. Well, it was either that or the foam pitchfork…

He also got a logo tattoo…

and met the entire team…and especially the goalies.

He still talks about the goalie that’s as tall as Mami.

Now, we’re ready to get the season on the road. One coach promised us the Calder Cup back. Now, that’s big promises right there…

but it would be nice…


One thought on “Let’s get the season on the road!

  1. Yay hockey! We lost our minor league team, but we held on to the Coyotes for another year.

    Daniel won his first official game of the travel season. He’s playing travel, Nicholas is in house league, and Dan’s in two house leagues (at two different rinks). Hockey runs my life.

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