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Get over yourself already!

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I love heading over to youtube and watching the previews for the new season of Sesame Street every year. It’s a blast, because you never know what hilarious gem you’ll find. Last year, it was the Fiest clip with the chickens that tickled me pink for days on end. No, I won’t torture you with it again. Just know it’s funny. Seriously. Oh, and it’s here…if you dig back a bit you’ll find it.

This year, there was Katy Perry and Elmo! Hilarious. Then, I heard the flap.

Katy Perry’s dress was angering parents.

You’re kidding me, right? That dress?

Figure skating costumes show more skin than Katy Perry’s showing here!

Here’s the hilarious clip:

Kids aren’t going to notice the clothes. They’re going to be laughing at Elmo running around Katy playing tag. Seriously.

People who are outraged over this need to get a grip. There are so many other things to be outraged by in this world right now, and this…well, put on your fun hat and giggle along.

3 thoughts on “Get over yourself already!

  1. april yedinak says:

    I agree that someone had their panties in a wad for no reason. If she had been riding a stripper pole or something, ok. But she was in dress up clothes and you can clearly see that there is a top part to the dress, like skaters or ballroom dancers wear, to keep the outfit from slipping.

  2. Do I have a problem with the dress? No, but there are a LOT of prudish people out there. Kids see so much more at the swimming pool. I thought the video was cute. Did you see the SNL satire of it? HILARIOUS!

  3. Oh, I did, Jen! I was dying laughing. I know all about the prudes, but seriously-kids see loads more just at the pool or watching the news. Lindsay Lohan anyone?

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