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It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye

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Work has evened out to the point that I’m actually teaching! Go figure! AND to make matters even more awesome, I’m not hearing all about the old teacher anymore! It only took them 3 weeks….

And school (for now) has evened out to the point that I can actually NOT worry about what’s going on in Isaac’s classroom, and if he’s getting kicked out or not for something insanely stupid. I also don’t have to worry about the teacher being politically correct and deflecting everything about my child to the resource teacher.

So, that leaves me with the other fun and games-the parts of my job that no one warned me about and seemed pretty innocuous at the time of me accepting this new whole shindig.

Staff development.

Yeah. that.

I don’t mind public speaking. Heck, I was on the speech and debate team in high school. I did pretty well, if I do say so myself.

BUT, the whole issue here is when you’re talking technology to a group of teachers, it can go one of two ways-

First-the teachers can be all in. It’s fun, exciting and you get a lot done.


Second-you’ve got a hostile room with no one really knowing what they want out of the session and basically, you’re standing up there getting barbs thrown at you because they don’t want to deal with the technology and moving forward in this new educational venture.

I’m currently dealing with a mix of the two.

I was told that the professional development I was going to be doing was more of a one on one thing…not a whole room thing! EEKERS!!

this is a whole new world for me. I’m slowly getting used to it.

But at least I got to show off what I knew from my visit to Hotel Tarmac.

I think I still have both eyes, so this was fun and games.  Seriously.

I still miss having a classroom. Seriously.

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