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Good morning, First Grade

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It’s here-Yesterday we started school once again here in E. Nowhere. Backpacks on, ready for the start of a whole new year.

And, as is tradition here, I took our now annual first day shot

waiting for the bus

Note the new AFOs.
Off to new adventures, Isaac luckily has the same bus driver as last year and still sits with the same friends on the bus.

Even though I have a big first grader now, he’s still my silly little boy.
Wanna take my picture Mommy? Nanny nanny boo boo!

and trust me-by the pictures we were sent by Mrs. J via email yesterday-he fits in JUST FINE.

Here we go.

One thought on “Good morning, First Grade

  1. Love the new AFO’s – very cute 🙂 So what was his reaction to the new Spiderman shirt?

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