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This weekend is always my annual denial weekend. I always go into denial about a LOT of things-

here’s what I’m in denial about today…

1. That I have a first grader. It didn’t sink in until we went and visited the classroom on Thursday to drop off Isaac’s backpack full of stuff. I saw his desk and the “Sailing into First Grade” bulletin board, where Mrs. J had taken all of their pictures holding the name tags they made and put them in these cute boats with their names on them. There was my goofy boy…in his favorite color boat-Red.

2. That I have to go back to work. This is the first summer I’ve really taken off in years. I’ve either done classes or worked or both. This summer I got to sleep in (mostly) and do things with Isaac and truly enjoy what a lot of people call one of the perks of being a teacher-summers off.

3. That I don’t have an official classroom this year. I actually enjoy decorating and making my classroom a liveable place. I’ve got an office. It’s not the same. On the upswing-I do have a very, very comfy chair. I doubt I’ll be spending a lot of time in my office, though. I am decorating my door however…

4. That there will be some kind of PT/OT drama. There’s not much drama with Speech. Ever. Don’t know why-but there’s always PT/OT drama. I’m trying to delude myself that there will be NO drama this year in either of those realms. Yeah, right. I”ll just keep that delusion for now so I can have some shred of sanity as I start a school year.

5. That hockey season for the shrimper is a month off. I really need to get gear purchased and ready to go. He’s ready to start-I’m not. I registered him for USA hockey (we have to have that because it provides additional insurance on each of the players) and realized my last point of denial…

6. My little guy is growing up. Evidenced by the first grade thing and the fact that next year we’re going to have to pay for registration for USA Hockey, because he’ll be almost out of mites and into Squirts (yes, these are real levels).

Ok. I’m going back to denial land. I think I’ll be there for the next few days.

One thought on “Denial

  1. Denial is a good place to be. I’m there too. I can’t believe boys that young can play hockey! I bet it’s absolutely adorable!

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