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As if things couldn’t get much more complicated…

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As it is, it is the end of the year, and I’m all sorts of going insane. Between IEP hell and the insane amount of paperwork due by June 24, I’m already going slightly insane.

So, let’s just add some more insanity to the fire here, and toss me on crutches! Yep! That would be me, gimping around again. I took a spill at a local grocery store on Friday. Their floor was slick, unsigned and basically a hazard. One of their employees even fell as well, going in the opposite direction as I was-and then putting up a caution cone. Yeah, a bit late for me.

So, here I am, with a sprained ankle and knee to boot, and having to deal with this at the worst time of the teaching year. Plus, I can’t even be a game geek until I get this all healed up, as there’s no option for sitting at all.

At least today I can wear normal shoes…I was living in my Adidas slides all weekend, because my foot didn’t fit into any of my shoes…today, I’m air-casted and ace wrapped, so I can actually wear my comfy shoes to work! WOOHOO!

But really, crutches and gimping around is the pits.

One thought on “As if things couldn’t get much more complicated…

  1. TickleMeElmo says:

    LOL, oh my! I hope your feeling better now. LOL, I’ll stop laughing once I can get the image of you going down…LOL, I know it’s not funny, but the image in my head is hysterical! LOL
    Love ya hun!

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