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Bad Answers, round 3

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So, after the car accident on Sunday, I decided to be kind and send in an assignment for the kids in my computer class so the teachers covering for me didn’t have to stress on something to do. Seriously. Not fair to the technophobes I work with. So, I went on one of my favorite sites, www.puzzlemaker.com, and made a Technology challenge crossword puzzle.

I returned to some SERIOUSLY sad monkey answers. Here are the best of them…

and for your edification, I’ve placed the correct answer in italics, so you can see how truly far off these were!

Question: “What is the company that created windows?”

Answer (5th grader) Wal Mart.

Correct answer: Microsoft.

Question:Another word for screen.

Answer: TV (Yet again, another 5th grader)

Correct answer: Monitor

Question: One of the languages that web pages are programmed in (and I’ve only taught one…)

Answer: Cars. (A 6th grader)

The correct answer in this case was HTML.

Question: What you do with music, movies, pictures and games when you want to keep them on your computer.

Answer: Google it. (a 7th grader)

Correct answer: Download

Wow. Seriously Wow.

3 thoughts on “Bad Answers, round 3

  1. It amazes me that by this stage of the game, they haven’t figured out that the number of spaces available for your answer in a crossword puzzle is the same as the number of letters in the correct answer. I mean, really, how doe “TV” fit when you have SEVEN spaces??? I feel very sorry for you…

  2. Ironically, my great grandmother would have given the exact same answers… If it weren’t a puzzle as she still knows when something doesn’t fit.

    Were these kids taking this seriously or was there some evil pact to produce the most inane answers imaginable.

  3. At least they gave you some things to review in class. I don’t know what to say except that it truly shows what our kids are into now.

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