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Green Apron Tales-Death by deckbrush

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So, yesterday, I actually got to sleep in! I had to go in at 6:00 am instead of 4:45! Woohoo!


My elation was short lived, however, when I discovered, to my horror, upon walking in that Big W was DECK BRUSHING the entire area in the back of the POS, Bar and DTR! There was water all over the place,and it was not the best time for me to even think.

Big W was scrubbing and scrubbing, saying “Marinate and agitate! Marinate and Agitate!”



So, feel bad for the new barista, MP..no, not new-new, but we got her from one of the stores that closed-but she’s new to our store-

She sat there looking at Big W wtih the glare of death. As it is, she had to close the night before and open the next morning. Horrid. Absolutely horrid…


Combine that with Big W’s brushing escapade and that made for an interesting 6 am.


So, let’s fast forward to later. Senior Shift comes in and the hilarity ensues. It was me, Senior Shift, McSPants and Drama Queen, as well as poor MP. Let’s give a set of bullet points about what happened, shall we?

  • McSPants and I did Rock, Scissor, Paper to see who would take out the garbage, since neither of us wanted to do it. I lost.
  • Senior Shift, McSPants and I all had a small conference to make sure we wouldn’t kill Drama Queen.
  • Senior Shift put up with me telling her “NO! I will NOT do another DTR Sweep! EVER!”
  • Senior Shift fired all of us, and then said “Wait. Don’t leave.”
  • McSPants made me yummy drinks…in exchange for me stocking his lids. Yeah, that was hard.
  • I installed a printer cartridge, because Senior Shift said “I don’t wanna.”
  • I kept myself from killing Big W after he tried to make my drink DECAF. Yeah, he tried that.
  • Which leads to my next lesson-Never, ever ask Big W what you want to drink. He’ll do something insane.
  • Signature Hot Chocolates are great wtih shots in them.
  • and lastly, I survived another day at the ‘bux.

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