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I’ve lost the war.

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seriously. I’ve totally lost the war in the battle of the Halloween costume for this year.


I’ve given up on the non-commercial idea, because I know it’s just not going to work. No amount of convincing is going to get the NASCAR costumes out of his head. Even after the last conversation about the costumes on Old Navy, well, that went out the window in oh, 24 hours. He went from NASCAR driver to skunk…and then back again.

He kept asking to go and get his Dale Earnhardt Jr. Costume, or his Jimmie Johnson Costume…




It’s just one more way  that I’ve got a big boy on my hands.


I know he’ll be utterly thrilled with all of this, and he’ll try to wear them around the house…but we’ll have to save them for Halloween.


You know, I’m totally in denial that this is even happening. I figured I had at least one more year of me kind of sort of choosing the costumes and allowing it to be kind of “non commercial” before we hit the serious “I want to be…” stage. 




I’ve totally lost this war. completely and totally lost this war. 


Now can someone pass me the stop growing brick please so I can put it on Isaac’s head?

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