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Bloody Mary drinks, lemonade debacles and paying with nickles-and a contest

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Yep, this was my day at work.

Let’s run this down-

5:15-open, do the opening duties, and get set up for Drive thru-

Yeah, being assigned to DTR (Drive through)-that should have told me my day was NOT going to be of the boring variety.

Things are going normally until…

7:30-I get a set of crazies through the drive thru-making everything sound Italian, and then, when they asked for Splenda in their iced latte, went to Redneck. Ok. Fine. Fun is good…until they came to the window-

As they were paying…they offered me…wait for it…


No, not kidding. This sucker was in an open cup with ice, and you could see the remnants of the tomato juice. And yes, this was a seriously large tumbler. I hope the driver wasn’t drinking it.

So, they go on their merry way and things continue swimmingly along at the good ol’ DTR.

Then, 7:45 hits. Guy rolls up, and orders a venti Sumatra. He pulls up to the window and pays with…A ROLL OF NICKLES! Yep. a 2.11 coffee with a roll of nickles,a dime and a penny. This wasn’t the first time I’ve encountered him. He came through a few days ago, and did the same thing.

The shift supervisor for the day asked me “Did he just pay in NICKLES??”

yeah, it’s that odd.


Then, there was my favorite (heh) of the day. Woman comes up and orders a standard drink and then orders a plain lemonade. I ask her if she wants a blended lemonade (yum! Super yum!) and she says “No, a plain lemonade.”

The other barista and the shift chime in on the headset that we normally don’t do that, as the lemonade base is super sweet and it’s really not for use without blending. So, woman goes on this tirade about how she does this every day, and no one ever has  a problem. I offer her a Blended Strawberry Lemonade or a blended tea lemonade, and she gets a strawberry one (oh, for superyum!). So she gets up to the window and starts going on and on about how she wasn’t trying to be difficult but…

and I told her straight up that we had recieved new lemonade bases and that this one you just can’t serve plain. It’s like drinking something the consistency of maple syrup. She apologized and moved on.

So, that was quite the memorable shift. Big time.

SOOO, this brings me to my Blogaversary contest-for a Starbucks card…and some coffee to go with it.

Most places that make custom drinks have the “secret menu.” Jamba juice has one, and we certainly have one as well. Stuff that usually only the staff knows about and can make like gangbusters. Come on, Nutella frappucinos, anyone? (That’s a regular frappucino base, mocha and hazelnut.)

So, the question to win the card and coffee is this:

If you had the opportunity to create the ultimate secret menu drink, what would it be, what ingredients would be in it and what would you call it?

I’ll take answers until my blogaversary counter hits “Happy Blogaversary!” THEN, I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner.

If you don’t like coffee, we can talk…and if you don’t have a Starbucks near you, we’ll talk about a substitute!


So, here’s the fine print-

Only one entry per person-anyone found to be doing “double dipping” will be disqualified, to my great upset.


Now, have at it!

7 thoughts on “Bloody Mary drinks, lemonade debacles and paying with nickles-and a contest

  1. HMMM…

    You realize you are talking here to a gal who happens to know that Lattes are actually what Italians do with old Coffee, and that sometimes they throw stale bread in there, right?

    Well, now you do, as Minerva McGonagall once said. Moving on…

    Mine is very simple. Annisette in espresso, and call it “Firenze” – the city, not the centaur.


  2. Well, of course I’m going to have to say– the Babycino!
    It’s rampant throughout Australia and if Starbucks had them they would sell a ton– no need to be on the menu– make it the secret drink only Mommies In The Know know about!

    I think it’s about 3/4 cup of warm milk (I think they use the frother, but don’t heat it up to much) sprinkled with cocoa– sometimes with a marshmallow thrown in. If Starbucks has no marshmallows they can put a teeny spritz of whipped cream?

  3. equal amouts of espresso and instant cocoa (non marshmallow kind) about 1/4 cup each.. boiling water .. about 2 cups and whipped cream. Mmmmmmmmm.

  4. I have a name, but no ingredients…YET! I’ll be back!

  5. ma2jenna says:

    Well, my choice could not be served on the menu unless you know of a non-alcoholic version of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

    6 oz of coffee
    whipped cream through the coffee
    shot of Baileys
    and to kick it up a notch, a peppermint patty through the middle

    I would call it ….. a Whipped Irish Dream

  6. Ok, since I can’t STAND the taste of coffee (and go figure – how many years did I work as an EMT, or work night shift in the hospital, and I never developed a taste for coffee?!?!), my preference tends to be a bit of a challenge for a coffee place: REAL tea, and properly made! FYI, NO, you do NOT start by shoveling sugar into the cup and then squirting some cream/creamer into it, add water and float a tea bag on top. That will NEVER become tea!!

    I’d just like a simple cup of HOT tea, with sugar added AFTER steeping, stirred well to COMPLETELY dissolve the sugar (trust me, sugar sludge is *nasty*), and a small splash of milk. Oh, and *without* being charged for a whole glass/carton/other sort of container of milk – it’s just a *splash* for crying out loud!!

    (Does my frustration come through here? 🙂 )

  7. CHange nothing.

    Except that chai should be made with only milk – particularly since the water content varies from place to place, so sometimes I get a wonderfully creamy chai and other times I get something that’s more like a poorly made instant hot chocolate thing (but chai flavored).

    And that passion iced tea lemonade is the BOMB.

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