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At least he’s skilled in the area of sucking up.

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Lately, Isaac’s latest thing is to come upstairs to our bedroom to watch Boomerang (by Cartoon Network-the kid won’t let me forget that part of it.) and sit in the milk crates. Normally, he’s fine, but there are days he decides that his “destructo Dan” needs to come out. We’ve had everything happen from fish tank gravel on the floor to the most disgusting of disgusting…and I won’t go into detail there. Usually this happens when I’m either in the bathroom, or downstairs making dinner.

So, last night, I went to make dinner, and left Isaac sitting in the milk crates, watching Noggin. I figured that he would be fine, as he hadn’t pulled anything in the past few days, after the latest incident (he colored with markers on my rug. Thank goodness they were Crayola washables.). So, I heard some rustling around, and told him to get away from wherever he was. I heard footsteps and him climb back into the milk crate.

I got dinner in the oven, and since it had a 40 minute bake time, I came back upstairs to supervise…

Then, I found that Destructo Dan had been back at it.

My brand new frog stitch markers that were in my hippo notions case were removed and TORN OFF THE CARD. The jump rings are toast, I’m missing 2/5 and one of the posts is completely trashed.

I very quietly asked him to come over to me, and tell me where the other two frogs were. He tried to grab the other 3. It was then I sent him to his room.

He must have known how deep of dirt he was in, because he didn’t even try to exit his room for 20 minutes. He must have known that he would have been toast if he tried anything at that point, because I was beyond angry. I was livid.

After he came out, I had Doug send him upstairs to have a chat with me. He tried to beeline for the room and the milk crates, but hey, this is explain time…and he wasn’t allowed near his milk crates.

So, we had a chat…about touching mommy’s toys. I told him I don’t break his toys, so he shouldn’t touch or break mine. That simple.

He then spontaneously apologized!!! He first said “sorry.” and then he realized that mommy was SUPER upset. He then threw his arms around me and said “Mommy! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” Lots of hugging ensued.

So, I think he got it. But I know he’s learned the art of sucking up seriously. There’s only so much I can take of the blue eyes and the signing and talking!

One thought on “At least he’s skilled in the area of sucking up.

  1. Mastering the art at a very young age! They are so cute when they apologize aren’t they?

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