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And THAT’S why they call it SMALLbany

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The Angel Forever and I were discussing the simple fact that this area is totally too small for its own good today. The big thing is that around here, everyone is this “big fish in a small pond” type person. I ran to LA to be the small fish in the big pond person.  I came back, and tried to STILL be the small fish. BUT, the fact that this area is so small poses a problem for that.

Here’s what’s brought me to this conclusion.

The Angel Forever and I are connected very closely with 2 huge cases in the area. In one case, she knows the now convicted, and I know the lawyer. In the other, I know the accused (he has since confessed).

Let’s discuss the current case. 3 men were shot over by my old place, you know, the one where we were living under my friend who was being beaten by her hubby? The ones where the landlords swore up and down the place was safe, but we had exposed wiring, were being charged for power the upstairs tennant was using, as well as the stairs being really rickety to the point where they were pulling away from the building itself..oh,a nd did I mention teh gaping hole in the screen door that we reported, but they ignored and then tried to charge us for when we moved out? Yeah. That one.  Well, last night, they finally released the name of the suspect, and his mug shot. I was looking at the photo…and looking at it…and the face looked ODDLY familiar. Plus, it was a name that isn’t very common…and had kind of rang a bell…

Well, I thought about it, and thought about it….and then did some looking at the article on the Times Usleless, and Oh, my lord. It was a kid I went to elementary school with. We used to sit next to each other and work together in extra help math. There were 3 of us who worked so well together that the teacher always grouped us together. After 6th grade, we went to different schools, and by 9th grade, he had gone to Street Academy (when it was being used like it SHOULD be used…) and we really never saw each other again.

How frightening that this guy..who was a really nice kid as I remember him, had the capacity to go SO bad.

and how sad that this area is so small that I’d be able to recognize someone that I haven’t seen in an eon.

Please, put me back in LA.

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