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There’s a first time for everything

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This morning, Isaac came flying upstairs sobbing-it was so early (read 6 AM) that I couldn’t tell if it was crocodile tears or really something huge.  So, I pulled him into bed with me, and asked him what was wrong.

I got a garble with “sally” (you know, the little blue Porche 911 from Cars) and the message I got was that Sally was lost in his bed (it happens..gets tangled up in blankies when he sleeps and he can’t find it when he wakes up. Usually we go in, shake blankies and it’s there,a nd life is good.) and nothing else. So, after a few minutes of making him snuggle with me and Booger to calm down, I ambled downstairs with him. As we were getting up to go downstairs, he said something about the bathroom. My sleepy brain interpreted it to mean that Doug was in the bathroom and not able to help him. Ok. fine.

 Well, as we got to the bottom of the stairs, he kept signaling me toward the bathroom. Now, I’m confused, because Doug is sititng in that brown thing that I can’t stand in the living room in the usual position (headphones on). So, Isaac drags me into the bathroom, and shows me that Sally is on the small shelf with my sonicare and the other toothbrushes. Oooohhhhkaaaaayyyyy….

Doug finally springs to life and tells me that Isaac can’t have his Sally. Meanwhile, Isaac is giving me that big blue eyed look and saying “Please? Can I have it back?”

Upon further questioning, Doug took it away because Isaac CHUCKED it in a fit over going potty…

and it dawns on my still sleepy brain that my kid just tried to work me!

Well, there’s got to be a first time, and this definately won’t be the last where he tries to take advantage of a sleepy Mommy just waking up!

One thought on “There’s a first time for everything

  1. Oh Lord, you don’t even wanna know what Jem does to me in the morning and how he likes to try and work me over! Just you wait, it gets better! 😉

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