One thought on “and I thought my house was the hotbed of bathroom angst

  1. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve had to replace your toilet seat…LOL

    The only thing worse was choosing a new toilet for the bathroom. I don’t understand why the folks at Lowe’s and Home Depot think that the best way to choose a toilet is to peer at a line of them, bolted to plywood that is tipped an an angle and located about 5 feet over your head. Even in my most drunken college stupor, I *never* saw a toilet from that angle. How was I to choose? It wasn’t until after it was installed that I discovered that a toilet billed as “chair height” is really too tall for my 5′ 2″ self, and that I need “tippie toes” to touch the floor when I use it! Sheesh!! So, I’m asking for a “toilet step” for Christmas….

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