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Educating Muggles

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So, yesterday we came home from the *shudder* Wiggles show, and I went to look for my size 2 dpn’s so I could work on the Monkey Socks. Earlier in the day, I had placed them by the computer for safe keeping, because 2 little monkeys had pulled out my 3 rows of twisted rib. (An aside- whoever decided THAT was the stitch of the hour needs to be shot. It gets annoying REALLLLLLLY fast.) 

Well, I go to cast on for the 3rd time (the first one was my pull out,because it sucked), and I find I have one needle, and that’s in my sock bag! I ask Maeve if she’s seen the rest of  them, and a housewide hunt ensues. She finds them in a garbage can (3 of the 4) in the living room. She asks Rowan about what happened…and he told her that Nathan threw them out because they were TOOTHPICKS!!! 

Oh, man. Figures.

So, we decide to forgo the 4th,because it was in the garbage bag with all of the food, and I really didn’t want it back after it was up against old birthday cake…with chocolate frosting. 

Later that evening, I snagged Nathan, and gave the Muggle an education….

“this is a sock needle. Not a toothpick. I use these to make socks, and need at least 4 of them at a time. Please do not throw them out.”

He had never seen a DPN in his life, and was NOT used to knitting needles being so small! 

Thank goodness I’m a 4 needle sock person and not a 5 needle sock person!

So, Muggle educated.
My work is done.

One thought on “Educating Muggles

  1. theangelforever says:

    Hmmm. . . I guess this means that you won’t be working on those socks any time too soon. Ooops! I’m sure Nathan will be hearing about this for a long time to come 😉 Silly Muggle!

    C’est Moi

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