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Rejected Wiggles Signs

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Well, here I am in PA. Maeve is busy making signs for the *shudder* Freaky Aussie show tomorrow afternoon. The one she made for me and Isaac is “We drove 7 hours to see Murray”

ok, fine.

Now, she’s working on her own sign for her and Kieran. I’ve shouted out a few things that she’s rejected…so, here goes the list of rejected Wiggles signs..

Anthony- I want to bear your love child!

Hey- I want Aussie Passport! Are you sure you’re all married?

Any of you need a surrogate?

Wiggle over here!

Wake it up Jeff!

Jeff Fatt- spokesperson for Ambien!

Narcoleptics Unite!

Anthony- Overeaters Anon. Called! They want you to be their national spokesperson!

I’ll be the fruit in your fruit salad!

We’re ready to wiggle (Maeve said it was vaguely dirty)

Park your big red car in our driveway! (that was Maeve)

You point your fingers, I’ll do the twist.

At this point, Maeve and I gave up. It was quite clear that we were getting nowhere fast. 

Maeve blamed her brain on the alcohol that she ingested while playing at her gaming night. 
I had no alcohol. My excuse? I spent 7 hours in a car witha 3 year old. 

That’s enough to drive anyone batty. 

PS- Mom- you have not escaped the blog. You only have until Thursday when I get home and offload my camera. You WILL be blogged.
I love you.

2 thoughts on “Rejected Wiggles Signs

  1. theangelforever says:

    Hola from the far western most part of the state.

    Now just keep all of those silly signs in your head when you see them take the stage. Get lots of photos of the little guy when he sees the Big Red Car hit the stage.

    Oh boy! Mom photos coming . . . I can’t wait! Hey Mom – I like your new glasses, noticed them right away from the Harry Potter event.

  2. knittingsheeple says:

    “You can toss my salad anytime” ?

    “I’m a real hot potato”?

    oh, the opportunities for quasi porn in children’s activities…

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