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The bzz on sunscreen!

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So, I joined this program that I heard about over on Trek Casts on, called Bzzagent. We get to try new products and then tell the world about them.

So, my first campaign is for Coppertone sunscreen, in the quick cover lotion and the continuous spray.

I have to say, I have the most squirmy child when it comes to putting things on his skin. The quick cover was amazing. Isaac really enjoyed doing “spray spray, rub rub!” with mommy. He also kept telling me how yummy it smelled. I could see where I missed because this is a spray lotion, and I was able not to cover the same area twice.

Since we were going out for the day, I quickly tried on the continuous sport spray. Wow. Nice! Doesn’t run like other ones, and it stays on without feeling super greasy.

One other feature I adore (especially with having a small child…) is the fact that the tops lock in place so you can’t spray more! Isaac wanted moreandmoreand more sunscreen, but hey. That’s a good thing.

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