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Mom said “You better not blog these!”

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That sounds like a challenge.

My Mom and Dad joined Beth, Jason and Noah on Saturday evening for Isaac’s 3rd bday party. Small, perfect and good food, and good company.

Isaac got a SOCCER GOAL!! that makes noise…and mom got into the act, and has said that these are not to be on the blog.

Mom…when was the latst time I actually did what you told me to do??

Here’s mom in her athletic pose! Note the orthopedic shoe that is hiding the broken foot..

This is Mom playing soccer with Isaac and Noah.

 and Mom playing more soccer with Isaac. 

I love you Mom. I only blog (with photos) people I adore. 

Now, stop falling in that dip in the concrete that has been there since hte dawn of time and breaking your foot. It’s no fun playing soccer with an orthopedic shoe.

One thought on “Mom said “You better not blog these!”

  1. theangelforever says:

    LMAO – I was wondering when these were going to show up. I knew you would do it right after your mother requested for nobody to see them! I think they came out very nicely. It was great seeing Nana playing with Isaac.

    C’est Moi

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