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Anyone want to purchase an Infant I classroom?

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I’ll gladly sell you mine!

First, I think I have every maladjusted, screaming child in the known capital region. We have ones who just scream for no reason, ones who are obsessed with the door and ones who are just PSYCHO.

Second, I have to deal with staff who’s been there and considers it “their” classroom, even though I’m head teacher. I’m really sick of getting ordered around, treated like garbage and then being told I’m “spoiling” the kids when I pick them up to calm them down. Plus, she’s YOUNGER t han me, and has no kids. ummm…’scuse me. She has her moments of sweetness, and she acts completely different when her partner in crime is around ( and her partner is really nice to me. Go fig.), so I don’t get it. Maybe it’s the NYC attitude, maybe I’m reading too far into it, but I’m sick of being treated like a 3rd wheel. Today, I think she said all of 5 words to me, and most of them were commands like “wipe _____’s nose.” No please, no thank you, just a rude command. And the worst part? I’ve bent over backwards to be nice to her. She doesn’t have a car, and she doesn’t have a bank account, so I’ve taken her to the bank to cash her tax checks. I’ve brought her lunch when I went out, I’ve offered to pick her up things when I take a 5 minute break and head over to the kitchen. I’ve done 2 sets of diapers in a row, I’ve cleaned and cleaned until I puke. I can’t make her happy or like me. Oh, well. whatever.

So, if you’d like to purchase this classroom, I’ll gladly sell it, assistant teacher, 6 kids and all to you. it’s not free, but the price is negotiable.

School is entertaining. School Psych is a hilarious program, especially when you’re taking classes that are these “general” requirements. So, the one class that I’m in hysterics over is Counseling Skills. OMG. What a hilarious class. there are 10 people in the class, and the prof is the kicker. She’s had 3 lifetimes. She’s been a HS english teacher, a paramedic and now is a therapist who works with EMT’s and Firefighters. Plus, she teaches this class, and on top of it all, I think she’s a lesbian. (Neither here nor there, but she made some comments…and I think she said she was.) The woman is a NUT. I adore her, but she’s a Nutter butter. I have a feeling this class is going to be hilarious.

Social Intervention groups start next week. I’m kind of scared about getting kids, but it’s going to be fun. The first week is “getting to know you” so I’m going to go through the files that Dr. DeLuke gave us and design my plan. Now…here’s the kicker. I’m worried about screwballing this, because we’re running this whole program and we are responsible for the kiddles. Going to be HILARIOUS. I think I have to go shopping for a few things this weekend so I can have them done and ready.

Oh, and my tax refund is in. Finally. Some money!

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