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How to Annoy Me

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Ok..I stole the title from Dooce.com. BUT, it fits.

If you want to annoy me, get off at the Ashland Exit in Chicago, make a left turn while I get stuck behind an SUV and then forget that I’m behind you and have NO CLUE where your Gram’s house is in Chicago..and I’m sooo not knowing where ANYTHING is in freakin Chicago…and make me call your parents in Iowa to get directions!

2 thoughts on “How to Annoy Me

  1. Too funny…now, after the fact!!!!!

  2. Here’s something that might cheer you up. Kelsey came in for a tutoring appointment with Robyn and she has a new kitten. A little calico that the people at the pound said was three months old. They think she’s actually two months old. They’re taking her to the vet later today for a check up. Anyway, thought you’d like to hear about it, since they had to cancel her last appointment with you because the cat they had died. I hope the rest of your trip to New York isn’t as frustrating. *waves*

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