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Random musings or what driving 600 miles in one day does to you…

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I’m sitting here in Doug’s parents old house in Iowa waiting for them to get here so we can get our stuff and go to Chicago for 2 days with Doug’s gram (oy.) and I’m thinking of all the weird things I didn’t put in my last set of blogs…so, here they go in no particular order whatsoever…

1. after we got my flat fixed in Rock Springs, I drove Misty back to her car int he front parking lot. She had to sit on top of several things and it was hard to shut the door…we were yelling: THEENK SKEEEENNNNNY! We were also asking “Eeef you buuuyyy a 2×4 at Hommeee Deeeepot, and you get 1.5, they charge you for 2!”

2. Cuddling with someone else’s 6 year old is fun…and also very toasty on a chilly morning.

3Stopping into random convienience stores can be hazardous to your health..your MENTAL health…See the last entry about dueling bajnoes

4. Utah is a very pretty state…and the Mormons are actually really nice! I wasn’t asked to convert ONCE!

5. Misreading names on signs is a true occupation. I misread “Eppley Stadium” as “Epilepsy Stadium!” I was thinking “what…do people go there to have seizures?”

6. As frightening to me as this is…there is actually a TOURIST GUIDE to the covered bridges of Madison County. I saw this on a ROAD SIGN. That scares me. The book was that awful, the movie was sappy..who needs to see the dang bridges!!!

7. empty houses ECHO. Theyh are LOUD. Especially when you let a 15 month old loose in one!

8. There are some parts of the country that are just flat. I don’t know how people acn live there…it’s just too flat for me. Pretty-yes…Flat- yes…living there? NOOOOOO! Prime for World Conquest? YES! The Guacamole will fly!

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