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ARC to wal mart! Arc to Wal Mart!

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Ahh. what a day without wireless internet or any connection whatsover will bring! Let’s go back a day and revisit the adventure!
So, we’re in Rock Springs, and my cute front right tire goes FLAT-Like pancake flat. Misty and I decide to put some air in it and limp it to wal-mart to see if it can be fixed. We leave the guys with the kids…2 guys…4 kids…2 under 2. Should be hilarious….and go. WELL, we get there,a nd there is a person in severe need of ARC services behind the tire and lube desk. here’s how the conversation went…
Me: “Hi! I need to get my oil changed and my front right tire fixed. It’s got a leak, and I don’t want it replaced unless the leak is in the sidewall.”
Clerk: “What?”
Me: “I need my right tire fixed and an oil change,please.”
Clerk:” Ok.what kind of car is it?:
me: “Saturn Ion, Storm Grey”
Clerk :” Is that a pontiac, dodge, Ford?”
Misty “No, it’s a SATURN”
Clerk:’ What did you need done again?”

See what I mean?

As if that wasn’t funny enough, yesterday on the road we stopped at what I SWEAR must have been the model for Deliverance and dueling banjoes. This was somewhere in Nebraska. I had to GO. I really had to GO. So, we pull off the exit and find this (waht I thought was ) a cute little mom and pop country store. Sign up? Restrooms for customers only. I bought a bag of chips and a soda, and used tehe potty…Why deliverance? First, let’s discuss the scary clerk. I swear, she looked like something out of a bad horror film! I swear, I swear! Then, when I politely asked her a question, she answered like a hyptnotized zombie and pointed to the FAQ answer board in front of her! Yesh! The place was in teh middle of nowhere, and I couldnt’ wait to get out of that place faster!

THEN, today so far has been severeley uneventful. I ‘d like to keep it that way.

So…ARC- Can you guys send a representitive to the Rock Springs Wal-Mart? Maybe send Jonathan B.? Tell him if he goes, I say he can be the rug..and have a job in my corner of the world domination scheme.

OH! AND Andy- I hired a new secretary. The other one will be u ndergoing repatriation. She was naughty.

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