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DateLance.com…oops! i forgot!

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So, last night, while I was blogging, I forgot to explain WHAT datelance.com is..and how that plays into everything.

Well, as I was surfing around, I fell onto dooce.com. She lives in Utah, and as she was driving around and saw this billboard that has “Date Lance!” and goes into how to access the website to do so. I thought that she was KIDDING. I thought she had photoshopped it, and all of that. Well, as I was driving through Salt Lake city, there it was..off of the I-15, in all its glory…DATE LANCE! I nearly choked on the sprite I was drinking! Don’t believe me? Here’s the website… www.datelance.com! TOO MUCH!

So, Day 2 in Rock Springs equals a wal-mart run, a hilarious time all day, and getting dogs and cats climbing all over the place. It’s a blast. Even with MaShayla looking over my shoulder! Being here in Rock Springs is like being home away from home. I’m so happy Misty and Ryan agreed to take us in..ok, that was more like a demand “You’re coming through Rock Springs! Come and stay here…stay forever!”

For all of those people looking for pictures..as soon as I dig out my camera cord, I’ll upload them all! Right now, we’re taking a TON of pictures and there are lots of Isaac and Kyler in matching outfits running around the house!

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