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Datelance.com is real..and other trip fun!

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So, here I am sitting in Rock Springs, Wyoming at Misty’s house and having a good time. I figured I’d finally log in and detail the trip so far…

Here goes…

The fun and adventure started late Thursday night/early Friday morning, when we shipped the cats. Jasmine and Booger (Holly to everyone flying her..) were supposed to go out of LAX Thursday night at 11:15. When I called to confirm the flights, I made sure to ask what time we needed to be there. I was told:” Be there an HOUR before the cats need to leave.” I said: “So, 10:15?” Customer service rep: ” Yes. 10:15.” We leave the house at 8:45. We get to the Sepulveda exit at 9:50. Plenty of time, right? WRONG!!! There was an ACCIDENT at the off ramp, so it backed up! We didn’t get to terminal 4 of LAX until 10:30. I dive out of the car, one carrier in each hand, screaming as I run through the terminal “I HAVE CATS! STOP RUNNING INTO ME!” Ok. I know I’m late. BUT, I knew there was another flight…and the cargo people were telling me that I may not make the 11:59 flight. Oh,no! I’m NOT putting the cats back in the car! Well, I get the cats registered for the flight, and the cargo lady asks me for the health certificates. I look down…the health certificates are IN THE CAR!!! ARRGGHH! So, cargo lady asks me if I can get them in 6 minutes…or the cats can’t fly. I dive out of the cargo office, run up and down the terminal several times, and find Doug circling the airport. I dive into traffic, risking life and limb,and grab the health certs and bag of food…run back into the cargo office, slam the stuff down and say “can they fly now?” needless to say, both cats were on the flight…

So, then, the movers came on Saturday. We weren’t done packing, so Doug (without me knowing) sent them away and had them come back on Sunday!! So, we pack like the dickens on Saturday, and Sunday comes, and we’re supposed to be gone, and the movers took from 745 am to 5 pm and by that time, we couldn’t leave for Vegas, because it would be too late for us to leave. STRESS CENTRAL!

So, Monday morning comes and we FINALLY get out at about 9:00. We make the drive to Vegas, and eat lunch at Circus Circus, and made a travel to the M&M store. What we didn’t realize is that there was a Coca Cola store there too! WOohoo! Coke Floats, coke in glass bottles, ect! YHAY! We picked up some silverware..and I can hear my dad complaining about it…and then, we headed back to the car through the MGM Grand. We tried to stop to play a slot, but just as we were putting a dollar into the machine, a casino host comes up to us and informs us that if we don’t get Isaac off the casino floor, there may be a 10,000 fine! Erm…what is a 15 month old going to do to a slot machine? Just wondering…but we took him off of the floor and continued to the car.

We finally finished for the night in Cedar City, UT. We stayed at this random motel 6. This motel had such paper thin walls, that I could hear the person on the next room taking out their contacts. Seriously, this guy was snoring so loud, Doug could hear him in the BATHROOM!! I was wondering what we were going to hear next!

Oh, well…it’s about bedtime. Misty just went to bed. Doug’s laying on the sofa bed waiting for me to finish what he calls my “stupid blog” and come to bed.

Oh..and Isaac is a world class traveler! He’s been in the truck for the first few days, and he’s just had an absolute blast! GO ISAAC!

One thought on “Datelance.com is real..and other trip fun!

  1. Hey Laura!
    Glad to hear that everything is going reletively well! Those Darn cats! It would have been easier to just get rid of them, but of coarse, I may be saying that just because I am NOT a cat person. And I’m hoping that Isaac continues to be a trooper in the truck. He’s so awesome. I’m praying that you have a safe trip.

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