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It’s getting deathly close, and I don’t have a lifeline!

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I should have been packing all day today…did I? Not a chance. I did about 90 million other things…so, let’s talk about mny day, shall we? First, I wake up to the sounds of my darling other half puking his guts out in the bathroom…food posioning anyone? Then, I got my little darling up and he was in a cling-butt mood from the word go. I decided we were going to gymboree anyhoo. He needed to play, and I figured that it would change his latitude. THEN, I make the standard call to my family, and find out that my grandmother has broken both of her arms up by her shoulders after falling at a local grocery store. Fun, huh? Well, it gets better! I make some phone calls to the airline, and realize that the carriers we have for the cats aren’t going to work for travel. I’m beyond irritated that I have to buy new kennels. Argh!

Sooo, after making a Trader Joe’s run, I head out to PetSmart on McKinley. Didn’t feel like fighting Petco on Tyler. Just didn’t feel like that traffic. Not at all. So, at PetSmart, I ask an associate (name withheld to protect the terminally stupid and weird) if he knows anything about travel kennels for pets that are airline approved (knowing full well that the airlnes have specific requirements on things…) and where they would be. First, he takes me over to the cat section, and shows me ones with a top entry point, and tells me that it’s airline approved. ooooohhhhhkkkaaaayyy….whatever. This crate is also 6.00 more than the ones that I swear are airline approved without the top entry point! So, he gets paged and leaves me, and I call Northwest AND Becca, who has shipped cats, and confirmed that Yes, the ones with the top entry points are NOT allowed on planes. OK. I think that all pet store employees should have some guidelines as to what kennels are airline approved and what ones aren’t. yesh. BRAINS. So, I walk out of the store, my wallet 40.00 lighter because of the new kennels(that are DOG kennels and are hard on all sides.) and proceed to go home. Then, onthe way back, I remember the FOOD AND WATER DISHES! EEPERS! I have to go back tomorrow! I think I’ll go over to Petco this time and ask them about those dishes…I can’t deal with another set of dolts. Maybe I’ll take Isaac and let him see the puppies and kitties that Mill Creek has on display for adoption. It’s where we got our cats! Rescue cats rule.
But, I digress. I get home, and attempt to make dinner with a clingy baby and a sick “I’m dying” husband. that was fun.

and then I finally look around my house, and realize, that NO PACKING has gotten done today. Great. I have no clue where to even start, because Doug has some random system up to packing things. I think I may do my tchochkies tomorrow because it’s the easisest thing to do. I’m thinking of how fast we need to get this done, and I’m having panic attacks. The movers come on wed/thurs, the cats go out on Thurs, and we leave on Sunday. Holy cow
No rest for the wicked…I so need a nap. And someone to come and pack this whole house for me with some semblance of organization.

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